No Left Overs

You can do this too, it doesn't even have to be sweets.

The Bake Sale was a success this past Saturday, and  the outcome was fruitful and it multiplied in the donation jar.  We made $1200.00 and I'd say that's not shabby at all, especially since we're talking cupcakes and cookies.

lots of goodies
 There was a fair amount of foot traffic, I really thought there would be a lot more due to the Christmas Parade.    It was a long day, and by using this as a what to do and not to do next time around-- I learned a lot.
happy with choc. cupcakes
We had quite a few left overs, many people were on their way to somewhere and didn't want to take the sweets or they were watching their girlish figure.  Anyways, all was appreciated regardless.
a Happy Family and customer
I decided to send some of the leftovers to a local nursing home and found out a few days later how happy they were to receive desserts that weren't the same ole processed things they eat all the time.  The other half went to benefit  a non profit called OYA ; which is a safe place for the GLB Community youth, this was used for their Christmas party.

MY Apple Zucchini Oatmeal Bread
I'm so glad so many people were touched by this act originally designated for NO KID HUNGRY, Share our Strength, The Great American Bake Sale.  
Someone asked me while my feet were throbbing, and my stomach was growling if I"d ever do this again, I thought about a similar question after giving birth,  I thought they were crazy, but right now, it could happen, not for a long time, but it could. 

Choc. cc's, choc ganache frost., jam ctr.,  Pastry Chef of Grand Cypress
We need to remember to donate to NO KID HUNGRY even after the tables are folded, the crumbs are swept, and the the crowds are gone. 


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  1. Great thing, sending the leftovers to other places to be enjoyed. MY WIFE and I have done that with things over the years, and it is always appreciated by those folks who otherwise would not get the opportunity to have such wonderful treats.


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