Who Needs'em

For a year.........
  ............ I'm boycotting Sears, Walmart, Target & KMart  .  And I'm doing this because they opened on Thanksgiving Day.  There are many who feel it's the present day destruction of the family and America.  You can dress it up and parade it around and it's none other than old fashioned GREED.
 But what if the majority figured out by buying from those stores during both a major American  Holiday,  and  other times as well,  they aren't really adding to the bettering of our society at all. 
Couldn't we  help our country more by heading to our small businesses, the mom and pop stores?
Here is a website of the list to businesses in the USA, it's called, Americans Working-support them, you're supporting America when you do.

You can sit and roll your eyes, call me a loon, say what good will it do---- you're one in a million and that's big business.  You're a fleck.  You're  a bee in a field of daisies.  You're one rolled up piece of paper in a landfill.

and.. you have to begin somewhere. 
We have to stand up for the family and  I'm sure gonna try.....
Poor Sam Walton, must be spinning  to China and back and I don't mean from all the out sourcing of our jobs either.
I haven't been to the big Walmart in years only the Neighborhood Market for groceries, but  even that has now come to an end.  I'll only go to Publix,  from now on.

Obviously, corporate made these decisions, and I keep hearing and reading how they justify  it by saying,  there are those who  don't have family, and others need the money, etc.  
What about a day off to celebrate America, however they choose. 
 What about saving energy by not using all that power lighting the stores, air conditioning, heating, gas,  people  going to and from work...etc. 
 Don't even talk to me about going green.  Bull honkey.
If they want to be open, how about opening the doors and celebrating your workers, treating them like they matter, give them a turkey or a ham or feed the hungry.

Boycotting is the only way to make a difference with these big stores who think they own the world.  Sacrifice by not buying that potential land fill item, you might be glad you did.  Do yourself a favor turn off the TV too, they only hammer with things ya don't need, their goal is to make you feel like you can't live another day without....cereal....imagine the guilt when you can't buy the latest electronic device.

There needs to be balance.
All the stores you're seeing are American made products, go to that website you'll be very surprised by what you find.  Don't dawdle do it!


  1. We saw some pretty appalling video of the shopping mayhem last week. You mention greed Barb, but I wonder if it isn't partly desperation on the part of the retailers. I don't know about the U.S., but here in England more and more stores, including some longtime big names, have gone under thanks to the recession. The relentless cost of basic living means people are generally spending a lot less.

    Doesn't excuse any one's behaviour, retailer or consumer, but I think it has some bearing on it. You also mention buying from small merchants. Unfortunately there's even fewer of them left now. The large chains have driven the majority of small, independent shops out of business.


  2. Babs, you're absolutely right. I couldn't possibly have said it any better. You know how I feel about it; been trying to fight it for years. I am definitely joining you in the boycott. I will NOT set foot in those stores until they stay closed on Thanksgiving.

  3. By the way, I just updated my post from yesterday to include a link to this.


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