My week wasn't that bad.......

I've been busy.  From bake sales to school to something else I can't remember to out of town work and back again, and I cannot wait to go back to school to rest.                                                                                     With the recent tragedy at the Connecticut  school, school should be the last place I would want to spend my time

Most will take their confusion of this tragedy to church and try to make some sense out of it, and it's impossible to make sense of it, whether in or out of church.  To those flocking in the church I would surmise they are looking for answers, for others, to be able to lay those burdens at HIS feet. 

 This was evil.  Call it what you will but it was evil. My view of mental illness in these cases,( it's a way I can process it and make some sense out of it), is a total mind control from Satan himself.  No sane person would do these heinous things. 
This was my view, daily, from inside the school cafeteria, with my job.

 This had been a trying week for me, but my week was nothing and  never never in my wildest imagination would I have ever imagined anything  could occur like this. 
I'm so sad for the families of the slain, as well as for the brother of the shooter who also has to endure the burden of what his brother did,as well as the loss of his mother. How do you get over that?

I read from someone on FB, who said, " those children should be concerned with Santa Claus and the unwrapped presents under the tree".                 Now we mourn their presence.
For those who have survived this atrocity they will have to endure the pain and  PTSD.  

Some of us have bad days and sometimes we have nightmares.  This Friday was a nightmare beyond any street.  Just like all the other nightmares that occur on any given day whether it is guns, poison, knives, or even brain washing to the point of Kool-Aid.  It's mental illness at its worse.

  Guns? What about a psych questionnaire with each gun purchase,  I'm not  sure but we could get real creative and come up with something that works if we put our heads together. If you laugh at this then consider the restraining order.  Personally I think we have more of a chance with the previous idea.  It's not just about guns it's bigger than that, but rest assured this was the ammunition needed to fuel the fire for the general media to create the buzz in the air in Washington to stop our right to bear arms.  And I just heard about Soledad on CNN  giving everyone her opinion on air when it should be straight broadcasting.  Dadgum media. They obviously forget they could just as well have their free speech revoked too. 

 Julian Lennon commented on "doing something about guns," but the man who killed his dad was mentally ill too. What if something had been done then-- for/too/about the mentally ill.   Too many times mentally ill people are turned out on the street instead of dealing with the problem.  The burdens I've heard about from the families who have to deal with their mentally ill who are beyond help, are worn out because they have no place to turn.  They know something needs to be done and NO ONE IS LISTENING. Their mentally ill eventually becomes ours, if we're unlucky enough. It did on Friday.

  Let's keep this real, the reality of slain children and adults in an elementary school is as real as it gets, created by a mentally unstable young man.  

There is one place you can turn for help, it is called NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Their resources are plenty.

Psalm 4:1
Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.



  1. I don't live in the U.S., but I am Canadian and Canada, like here in England, we have gun control. It works. Check the gun crime stats.

    This sort of thing seems to happen every year now in the U.S. and there is no reason why it should. My heart goes out to the families, especially so this time of year.

    Ali xx

  2. I agree. BOTH gun control and mental health need to be addressed in this country. Access to guns needs to be more limited and access to mental health resources and help needs to be expanded.


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