The laid back baker

Officially this is day 1 of my Christmas Vacation from school.  I spent it at home---all day----lazing and baking and baking and lazing.  I managed it too, quite nicely.  Usually,  it's a terrible frenzied pace with madness involved.  Not this time.  I baked if I felt like it, and lazed when I needed it, and still kept up with the dishes.  I'm very  happy about that and considering I only had one instance of dish dread which passed just about as quickly as it hit me.  Thankfully, I managed to work my way through it.
the grandest kid isn't in to posing

I believe since it is chilly outside it didn't hurt either.  Nothing worse than baking when it's warm out. It couldn't be helped, I've done that so much throughout the year it's not a wonder I'm getting bored with baking.   I had hoped and still do to take advantage of two good bakeries in the area.  One a Polish Rest./Bakery and the other a German one.  Yum!

No pictures to post of my baked items from today, but it goes like this:
Cranberry Bread, 2 Rum Cakes -- they 're still soaking and will be until Monday evening.  I also made a Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake--got that recipe from Nigella Lawson a number of years ago and I love it.  Don't let the size of it fool you, it may be just a loaf cake but it isn't just a loaf cake.  It's rich.  A little goes a long way and   make sure it's accompanied with either vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or a glass of cold milk.  I'll not be keeping that one, I'm giving it to my daughter to take to her BFs Christmas Eve din din.  She's worked so hard lately,  I felt I needed to  lend a hand.
  I also whipped up a double batch of Orange Butter Cookies,  usually they 're Lemon, but not this time.  I'm handing one batch over to my friends mom, she loves them.  Merry Christmas Peggy!
Oh I almost forgot about the  Irish Soda Bread.  This was about the third time I've made it and both times it was terrible.  Not to shabby this time, I could have kept it in the oven slightly longer but a little toasting will do the trick. I'll know better next time.

 I'd say all in all  "I did good"! and in about two shakes of Mary's Lambs tail I'm heading off to Slumberville.  I'm whooped, last nights sleep escaped me so I plan on catching some zzzz's to make up for my loss.  Tomorrow the grandest kid and I are going to the Ballet, The Nutcracker.  I'm actually looking forward to it this time, besides it is a Matinee and only an hour and with an Orchestra; there hasn't been an orchestra accompaniment in years,ballet or otherwise,  it's about time!

I hope You all have a very Merry Christmas and  Very Happy New Year. 

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