The sleigh bells have left the building, the snowdrift, the rooftop etc.  The day after Christmas is as exciting to some people as the day after Thanksgiving, but usually you don't see people in tents or sleeping bags outside most stores .  It will be frenzied, most likely, to find another size or to spend the gift cards, or to get rid of that hideous whatever it was gifted to them,  "What were they thinking?" 
Watching Elf

I've never understood that but I suppose that's just me.  At one time when my kids were so picky with what they wore I learned to forgo buying clothes or shoes for them.  It was pointless.  I'm the type of person  who has enough trouble finding what I want, let alone for a teenager.  Gift Cards--best invention ever.  And let me note this while on the subject---how in all creation does one forget they have them?  Those people drive me nuts...are you that absent minded?  Wealthy? What?  Anyways --moving on. 

Doesn't matter if the malls or anywhere else is busy today cause it doesn't at all sound like fun tromping through a crowded store.  I don't like Disney when it's crowded.....
cleaning up-everyone helps-atone time or 'nother
I am headed off to the grocery store for some soup fixings, doing some laundry and cleaning a bathroom or two, maybe catching up on some homework.  Pretty much not a definite game plan for the day after Christmas.  Doesn't matter though, I'm on VA-CA .   I don't have anything to return either. 

Time to put the feet up and wish all a Happy New Year!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Barb! By golly, it comes and goes far too quickly, doesn't it.

    Ali x

    P.S. I think you follow the aromatherapy blog, but here's my domestic blog http://therosewoodpost.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I can honestly say that I've never returned a gift in my life. Nor am I ever likely to do so. Even if what someone gave me with love in his or her heart wasn't exactly what I wanted, the intent was perfect. For that reason alone, it is precious.


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