And the winner is………….

And the winner is………….

Those are the words you want to hear after entering any kind of contest.  This past weekend through a  oak and hickory smoke and rainy drizzly hazy day,  those words were longed for as
I sat through the chill treating the camera like a baby to shoot photos of chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket.  Every hour on the hour turn in times were as exact as feeding times.

Then the wait…..3 hours in the cold, breath was visible through the raindrops and thankfully my car was close by as I used it to pass the time.
 There was a break in the weather so we walked around to see the array of smokers and grills. Forget backyard they are in it to win it and they ain't a playin'.   Since this was a first time for my client entering a contest, he didn't have the big rigs or even a tent to stay in, he did have tents for cooking and sitting.
I ended up back in my car a short time later and came to the conclusion these people are serious.  
We saw streamlined RV's and decked out haulers with smokers that gleamed your reflection so fine I could have used it to put my mascara on in the morning. And they were still cooking in them!!
Myron Mixon, cronies were there, I don't think he was but someone was using his rig.
There were others I was sure who had some standing in the BBQ community and they didn't lack at all in the shiny anything, cooker, sleeper, driver thing.
Finally the time had come and we made our way up the hill to the prize awarding tent listening
to  nonsensical jargon from those onstage. Tension was high and most were wet, tired, and wanting to get the hell outta there with their cash money prizes and trophies they hadn't even won yet. It had been a long two days.
(There were Backyard and  Professional Divisions.)

 BackYard Division
First Place for Chicken, Grillin' Gaines Catering    (FB link)
Third place for Ribs, Grillin' Gaines Catering   (website link)
And the overall score was  3rd out of 33 entrants.   
For a first time entry for a BBQ contest, not too shabby at all.
  There's a lesson here…..

Click on the Grillin' Gaines Catering link to see the photo and Like the Page.  There will be an updated website up and running at the beginning of March.


Navels and Smoke

Smoked BBQ Ribs from Grillin' Gaines Catering
Smoked Ribs on the Grill
I’ve been unofficially informed of neglecting my duties/ posting on my blog.  I learned if you neglect, you lose your place. Goodness knows, I didn’t want that to happen, actually it did happen, I’ve dropped lower than a bikini on spring break Suldog, thanks for keeping me in line.  J 

This weekend, I’ll be doing a photo shoot for a client who has entered his first (that I know of) BBQ competition.There are over 114 applicants.  Professional and Backyard, as it’s labeled and it’s going to be a long day, my part won’t be wrought cooking or cleaning up, just shooting, smelling, and ogling.  I am hoping to bring ample samples home with me, I’ll probably have every dog in the neighborhood on my "tail" 'cause I’ll smell so darn good.

 It took this competition to make me aware this festival even existed.  It’s not your yuppie type festival, definitely old Florida, redneck as I see it, it won’t make it any less fun. It's the Old Florida Outdoor Festival.  And to make sure I keep  up with my posting duties, I'll try to get some photos or links on the next post.  In the meantime, if you want to test out your napkins head on over to the FB page of Grillin' Gaines Catering.   While you're there "like" it, won't you?


Hey There! Merry --DE Stress-- Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Don't faint, I know it's been awhile.  I didn't have the umph to want to get online on one more site,you know there is a thing called overkill.

I've been busy  working on The Stick Page  on Facebook. In case you haven't been there, stop by and LIKE "The Stick Page." You won't regret it.
And I've been working on all kinds of other things that I find a little boring but necessary.
One thing I've done aside from  business is I've been making my own bread.  I love this. Weekly, two loaves of homemade goodness and the best air freshener ever. Yum. And it's my own therapy session too.

In the early stages of building your business or honing in on your craft there are details such as getting the contracts together, a necessary part of your business.  I also learned it doesn't matter who you are doing business with, draw one up. freebie, friend, family, or foe.  Do it!!!!! 

So in the meantime we are in the days before Christmas.  In all through this house it's quiet. I've had quite a year and am learning not to be sad over boredom (yeah right!) or a temporary phase of loneliness.
 A friend of mine reminded me while I was in one of those moods, Would you rather have your hoarder still living in your house (unbeknownst to me), or your possible squatter?  That slapped me back into reality so much so I got up and dusted something.
stick barb de-stresses

So in these coming days,when you feel the stress is too much, and no matter what you're involved in, put on some music and kick back --that's why there are gift cards and gift bags. And if you need a little extra help, I just read Suldog has a Christmas retail list available, almost one stop shopping. See, not to worry, and have yourself a Merry Little De-Stress Christmas now.


For a Minute

I'm back, who knows for how long, but I"m here  thanks to a blogging friend who shook the dust off the inside of my computer.  It's curiosity and nosiness that got me here......whatever works.

I've had a chance to take care of personal matters, clean up  a little--- but of course there is always more to do and to focus on work in various forms.  Just the other day I started a FB
page for my stick creations.  The Stick Page, can't get any more real than that.  So I thought I'd share on here and see if I could generate some oglers, I didn't say stalkers, I said oglers.

By the way, I'm sure you've heard this is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I want you to know, my stick person had her mammogram just today.  Visit  that Page for all her adventures as well as other characters.

That's it, I'm spent, I need to nap, it's been a busy day and it looks like rain yet again.....Suldog, I'll make my way over there.......soon ( before I'm demoted).


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