Teacher's Ed

I would wager to guess most of you are fairly computer literate.  If you know how to turn the computer on and where the monitor is you're good to go.

My Son and I at Disney World
Recently I decided to teach older adults at a local community center how to use the computer, to give them a gateway to communicate with family, browse, shop, whatever their hearts desires.  Maybe you don't remember those early days of opening and slamming through a labyrinth of windows, then you should.  I know how difficult it was for me to learn, I learned through trial and error, in some ways I wouldn't recommend it, on the other hand…

  If you're teaching by way of a PC I liken it to teaching some one to drive a stick shift maybe it would have been less painful through an automatic/Mac.  

Starting from the ground up there's only one thing required----- patience, no matter what you're teaching, because without it, you've lost your student if you don't.  Universally I heard how nervous family or friends with good intentions made them feel, rushed, and cajoled.    It stops the flow of free thinking. It's counter productive.
   I had one student who actually thanked me for the patience I had in teaching.  It's good she didn't see me after class. I've learned a little about myself through this teaching process, I thought I had it altogether, I thought everyone would  learn because I had all this patience.  But one student  had some issues  I didn't foresee.  Nonetheless, I've learned and updated and tomorrow when I walk into Part 2 of computers it will be a new day, or at least I hope so.