Wherever your Home for the Holidays is

Ahh finally a moment to breathe, sorta.  The big fundraising, birthday party everyone was fretting over  is but a distant memory.  
Shoes are now stored away, frocks are frocking on the hangers of the local dry cleaners and right when you think you're able to give the party fare a rest from your ever increasing waistline October then turns a corner to November and it's time to drag out the pots and pans.  
Turkey day for some is walking in the door sitting down and eating but for other its 's standing for hours peeling, dicing, stirring and whirring in the kitchen as the steam from all the dishes replaces next weeks spa treatment package, but it makes it all worth it. Especially when the
 tryptophan kicks in and you get a few moments of shut eye.

If you've never seen Home for Holidays, I'd say it's your typical movie/ family dinner with all the antics thrown in. 

 Some of you are lucky enough not to have this kind of drama in your life, good for you. 
But in every family, there is always something to contend with, no matter what it is. 
So just stop and take a moment to be thankful, that's all matters  because we are not promised tomorrow let alone  that piece of pumpkin pie later on in the evening you've set your sights on and already know you won't have room for.

Happy Turkey Day

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