A-Z was more difficult than I thought especially when I'm tired lol

It only took until the letter W for me to realize how Suldog was writing that post.  But I'm not writing it that way....
In case you're wondering  he told a story of his life from  A to Z

A. Amazing each day and grateful and all that.

B.  is the first letter in my name and surprisingly I know more people with the name of Barbara than ever before.  It's an epidemic from my generation congregating in the same place.  When I was growing up, I was the only one.

C. ows are under appreciated except if you're at Ruth Chris steak house or some such place.
That was a random thought.

D.  reminds me of my Dad, who was quite a character and I miss him a lot.  Ya get me?, it was a tag line of his.  I wrote a blog about him and I'm sure whoever reads this already knows it, but for those who don't, http://bustersdaughter.wordpress.com.

E.  is for Elephant and when life is overwhelming, remember this,   "how do you eat an elephant?"
One bite at a time, of course.

F.  stands   for that word I thought I invented...and that so many people use.

G.  is that pause when you're trying to think of the next thing you want to say or for Gigabytes. lol

H.  ey it's taking me forever to write this.

I.  am so needing a VACATION right now and I hope it's fun.

J. is for my middle name.  Jo.  My mom said my dad picked out my middle name, it was his girlfriends from the service.  As my daughter would say, "that's messed up".   lol

K.   Kay would be my ex sister in law...dadgumitsugar...she always says that.

L.  aps is what I should be doing instead of sitting here doing this.

M.  is one half of m's .  I used to play the M &; M game with my kids when they were little.  Shame on Me...they tell me now. lol.  I would put a few m&;m's in the palm of my hand and if they wanted any they'd have to guess the color and then if they got it right they'd get that color, if not, I did.  Some times were good for them and some times were better for me....
Was I mean..?  I don't think so...to hear them tell it now, they thought so...but it ends in laughter.. it's all good...lol

N.  Nestles, Nestles make the very best Chocolate.  Do you remember the dog in that commercial?

O.  OMIGOSHBECKY?  where did that saying ever come from?

P. ot, potato, periwinkle, pekinese-weird looking dog, pookie lol.

Q.  ue,quiet

 R.  icky Nelson, I loved him.  I wanted to marry him. Who'd you want to "marry"? lol  
S. moke, I used to, it's been 31 years ago this past November when I quit.  Seriously Super.

T.    oke, is what I used to do and I quit that too, many years ago..

U.  mbrella or bumbershoot, which do you prefer?

V.  ictory at almost finishing this. 

W.  ow, whoa, whee or websites, which I'm doing my book learnin' in.  I love it, there is so much to learn.

X.  marks the xylophone spot.    Speaking of xylophone, watch this

Y.  ou,

Z.  yrtec...I don't need it.

When I'm in full concentration mode things like this are a breeze.  But this took way too long..
I may try this again later.  When I'm outta school.


  1. That was funny and very imaginative too. Now see I wanted to marry Donny Osmond.

    Ali x

  2. I can't believe I didn't comment on this before!

    First, thanks for the mention. That's always appreciated! Next, I love elephant jokes, and this is my favorite...

    (Actually, it's two jokes, and they both have to be told for the full effect.)

    Q: What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill?

    A: Here come the elephants over the hill!

    Q: What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill wearing sunglasses?

    A: Nothing. He didn't recognize them.

    Finally, as to your entry for "T", I've found that taking one now and again helps with the appreciation of the previous two jokes.


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