The Pointer Sisters Point to Orange Marmelade

Gitchy Gitchy ya ya somethin' somethin' creole lady marmalad  ........

orange marmalade boiling to reach 220 degrees
So guess what I'm doing?  Yep, you're right lol, I'm making home made Marmalade.  It's not hard at all  make.  I use the Cliff Notes version.  ( don't look up Cliff Note Marmalade you won't find it)  Actually it's a recipe I've taken from Ina Garten and she took it from Anna, a friend of hers.
 It's easy...start it in the late afternoon and finish it in the morning,    It has to sit over night.  Even if Marmalade isn't something you LOVE, you can do more with it than spread it on toast.  You can add it your  chicken dishes, sauces, probably Pork dishes too.  I haven't tried that but it seems as if it would go nicely.  It's awesome to put in breads, frosting's, etc.  If you have an imagination I'm sure you can come up with a reason.
The longer this sits the better it gets.  It lasts a year.  It doesn't require paraffin either.

all kinds of jars ready and waiting
I saved up jelly jars and others of that size.  Boiled them or dishwasher them at high heat. 

If you live in Florida, maybe you can gather up some of those oranges your neighbor wastes.
If not buy up a few pounds of navel oranges and maybe another kind too, as well as 2 lemons and slice.  
My house smells like the Orange factories that used to be  around the area,some still are,  thanks to the freezes and the economy many are gone.  Loved that smell..
Here's a note too...save your scraps of the oranges and boil them for a wonderful air freshner with added cinnamon and ginger OR dry them and use them in a potpourri for later.

I expected the store bought look and flavor. This is homemade, I realized it's not going to be like the store kind, and that's probably a good thing so don't let it throw you.  Give it a try. It's really not that difficult.


  1. Kudos to you for making this! I like the versatile uses for it--chicken dishes and salmon in particular.

  2. Yummy! I love orange marmalade. You're the first person I know who has made any. Way cool!

    (By the way, the only part of that lyric I recall in full - and excuse the probably wrong spelling - is "Voulez Vous Coochez Avec Mois, C'est Soi?")


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