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It's Crunch time.  The party is over, literally and figuratively.  Christmas vacation is now a memory stuffed back into the corners and closets of our mind as well as the Rubbermaid containers.
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We've popped the last of the fireworks and tooted another horn to welcome in an exciting and uncertain New YearWhat will it bring?  Like all the others-it will be like all the others, much of the same but different names to  those we will welcome into this world or those we will lose, as well as another age to another birthday.  More than likely a disaster here and there,  a sorrow of major proportions undoubtedly we will not welcome to grace another paper.  It sounds  trite  but this is how it works, how it always has but as humans we hold out for hope for all good things to happen, for the ideal.  For no nasty vile human being to do unthinkable things in any shape or form.  I want that.  I'm sure the person next to me in Starbucks would want that, unless of course he or she is the vile human being.  Cynical..no, not in this day and age, more like realistic.  You'd have to be nuts not to be real, just read the godawful newspaper.  And God had nothing to do with it.  We live in a world today where good is being choked by bad more often than not...the human spirit though is like a bulb fighting it's way to the top for that breath o fresh air and drops of water and glorious sun.. emerging with color and intrigue, thanks goodness huh?

Me 20 years ago
So I am excited to say I'm crunching the books this weekend to finish a paper or 3 so I can reach my goal, the goal I started nearly 2.5 years ago.  It's been quite a climb.  I've learned a lot about myself, I've learned a lot about those around me, either in the classroom and/or my own family and how they have perceived me, or even  believed I could do this.  It was more important for me to believe that I could, and for me , to trust  those whom I  didn't even know .  Never the less I am almost there no matter how it happened.
Do you see that lady with the red shoes?  Cute shoes, hair, dress, and all that.   She had  loads of insecurity and was  beginning  a mountain of "life" to wade though.  I wouldn't go back to then even if I was thinner and younger...only if I knew then what I know now .  
  I can't wait to finish this class and get on with it. It's a little scary and other students have said the same --but that's  par for the course.  I don't have all the answers, who does,  but I know where I can go to ask.
 Right now even though it sounds a little cliche' I can say, along the way,  I'm enjoying the journey. 


  1. Good luck and hope you accomplished your goals, success is not that easy to achieve and I know you can do it. I will also do the same thing this new year.

  2. Yay! Your comment--"it was important for me to believe I could" speaks volumes! We all need to believe in ourselves and when we do, anything can happen. Here's to enjoying the journey!


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