Part 2-Nothing

It's a holiday from school today, thanks Martin!

I'm making cakes for a friend from school and it's her  birthday.  She's helped me so much with those pesky little details of  Photoshop,  as well as other  essential aspects of learning Web Design, so I thought I'd bake her a cake  for the sacrifice of her time.  It was a great excuse to haul out the baking goodies and lose myself in a mound of flour. 
 A few years ago I was looking through Nigella  Lawson's cookbooks, I forget which one, and found ,  Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake.  It's a winner, it keeps well and by that I mean it maintains its moisture and for a  homemade chocolate cake,  sometimes that's a little tricky. (the trick is the chocolate drizzle after the cake comes out of the oven)

Note:    This cake is rich so it may send you over the edge inducing a coma like state.  

In the meantime I've been trying to get my assignments finished in Illustrator,  I'm succeeding, only two more short chapters to go.  Retaining is another matter.  ha!

I'm still working on my early spring cleaning, it taking time, especially since I've been waiting on my daughter to pick up the rest of your youthful momentoes.  This is a switch from my unmade bed from the last post.  But that's only one thing I slack on in the big picture and it's behind closed doors and only at certain times.  I know when it's time to rid myself of "stuff" that clutters.  I'm taking this a little slower ,especially since I'm dealing with papers and such.
  Update...they're  gone.  yeah.  

Meanwhile, cakes are out of the oven and resting comfortably on the rack.  They've been thoroughly doused with the chocolate sauce and await the shavings on top.  I forgot to buy the shaving chocolate  I really forgot but I also thought I might eat it before it ended up on the cake so I thought I'd wait.  Has that ever happened to you? 
The other cake if I don't start divvying it out to other people will soon be slowly whittled away by way of fork to mouth resuscitation. 

Is this weather playing havoc with your skin?  My skin is going  crazy, one day it's freezing, the next it's a open the  windows.  I love those days, but my skin is confused to say the least.  Last year it was cold consistently and I didn't have this kind of problem.  I have chapped face.  Not a pretty picture and not fun either.

Well,  it's been a few days since the cake making and such..I held off hoping to have a photo of it which I do not. So I went to google and found one that resembles it.  This will have to do.

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  1. Every year, it's my legs that take the brunt of the dry winter air. Unless I keep them moisturized in some way, my shines become terribly itchy. And if I absentmindedly scratch them for too long, I actually draw blood. Not pretty.


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