Back Off Sybil! LOL

What a week.  What a day or two within the week.  If next week is like this week then I'm outta here.  I have no idea how or where .... I 'm all about taking a hike.
That would be  my unruly twin talkin' like that.   The practical one, she'll stay, work on everything and make it better or adaptable and get on with it.  Just once though I'd like to be the other one and take a hike.  Be the bad ass...Don't y'all ever want to be the one with the leather jacket and tattoos?

Now the balance, there was two very good things that happened in the course of all the bad.  I received a positive diagnosis from the Dr.,  Yeah, thank you God! and the other was I am now on Part C of a four part course, in school.   I was  also informed yesterday I'm all caught up.  That's never happened.
 One more section  to go and I'm finished. This is really where the rubber meets the road, with some intense classes, but the crux of Web Design.

In the meantime, I'm practicing my Photoshop and Illustrator skills.  I made the header on my blog.   Fun.
almost finished.
I've also gone a little overboard maybe? and have been creating business cards for a number of people.  I still need to tweak here and there, when you have this much freedom in creating  the sky is definitely the limit.   With flour and sugar it ends with the crumbs on the table and definitely a calorie or three.

So at the moment I'm writing up my post, hoping the sun will show itself soon while  contemplating lunch.  I've had a cold for the past few days,  I went to school yesterday trying to do the right thing and I think I infected everyone even while being careful.  I hate not being able to breathe normal.  I stayed home today, it's an effort taking in air let alone traveling.     I hope you all have a nice day, I hope you're able to breathe normally and I hope Sybil keeps her distance.

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  1. I'm glad things are going well Barb. Now who the hell is Sybil?


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