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I slept in this morning, until way after 7,  can't believe it.  I just couldn't dream, ha ha, of getting up at 4:30 a. m., when I originally opened my peepers.   I was involved in my dream visiting The Pioneer Woman  ,on their ranch, we were off lolly gagging somewhere on their zillions of acreage.  I know this happened  :) because I watched a taped version of The Food Network Show .

Who knew a blog could take you to such heights.  It's obviously more than the blog itself,  it's gotta be the romance of meeting MM and riding off with him into the sunset every night.  I think that says volumes.
By the way, I spoke to MM in my dreams.  LOL.  Let me suffice these paragraphs to say, there isn't a better person to fill those shoes, she has the sense of humor, charisma, generosity,  and smarts to hold her own and  she has done a fab job.  I can't wait for her next cookbook.   and to see what else she's going to create.

Speaking of people and blogs,  this wasn't the direction I had intended when I started this post, but it seems like a good direction to start.   
I want to direct you to a few other blogs, different from TPW, but interesting just the same.
Each one  posting each day for their own reasons with their own slant on their own subjects, as we all do or strive to do,  I love how we travel to places most wouldn't get to visit otherwise.

Jim,  is Suldog... I guess I need to peruse over his blog and find out what the Sul is about?  Or maybe he'll visit and tell you himself?  Anyways, I love his writing, his crustiness, like an ole salt.  I suppose I  could've shortened this sentence to say he has an opinion and voices it as some of us do
 Family is a subject near and dear as well.    I haven't been reading him very long, so I hope I 've written what I sense of him as accurate, I have a feeling  he would tell me if I don't,  and that's fine. Enough of my chatter, go visit and make Suldog part of your blog list.

4littlemenandgirlytwins   written and photographed by Brittaney Claire,  living in one of the Dakotas with her 6 children and husband.  Her photography is wonderful,  taken of her favorite subjects, her family.   At this time her husband and children are RVing around the country.  If you want to meet her or have her take photos of your family  there is a form on the site. 

Tongue in Cheek    In her own words: Corey Amaro ° I live in France in an area called Provence. ° Married to a Frenchman° Two children ° I have the "Brocante Bug" which means antiquing is my cure ° I'm related to half the population in Willows, California ° 53 with fake blond hair ° Likes to travel on a moments notice. ° Writes and takes photos for this blog everyday.
My words, her photography is amazing, her life to me is like a dream.

Work of  Our Hands One of my old friends and former home group leaders,  Val Garber, is living with her husband Lon, in Namibia S. Africa.  They are on a mission being missionaries.    Distance coupled with  so many requests when she came to the states, made it impossible to see them,  suffice it to say, I gave up.  I do hear about her and what's going on and  keep up by her blog.  She is an artist by trade,  I love her story about traveling to a place and using her gifts.  Read her story on her blog and also see what they are doing to help the women of Namibia help themselves.  I hope you will love it like I do.

I could go on and on and will in another post of more blogs I have fallen in deep like over.
Being on a sentimental journey while traveling to other blogs usually takes you even further because of who they like.  Almost like time travel at it's best and all you do is click the mouse.  Modern day version of Dorothy I would suppose.  Think about it....

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