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I haven't the foggiest idea what to write about.  This may be a whole post on nothing.  I've written them before and my consensus is, if Seinfeld can  and he created success from it, then I can write a few measly posts on nothing too.

Right now, I'm looking at some clothing which resisted the hangers for a few days, why does this happen?  
If you have any word concerning this, let me know so I can remedy the problem.  The rest of the room is tidy. It's like my own personal strike on hanging up clothes, not all just a few.  I did the same,( by way of striking )with making the bed.  I had made the bed for years and years and years and then one day after my hubby was no longer residing under the roof I realized I didn't have to do this if I didn't want to.  So I went on strike.  LOL.  I didn't make the bed unless I was having company or of course after changing the sheets.  That was a given. 
I felt the same way about dinner,  being single there were nights only Ben and Jerry and myself dined on dairy.  Not all just a few. And by the way, speaking of Ben and Jerry, I sent in an idea a number of years ago of  a flavor,  and they picked up on it but they didn't listen.  Consequently the flavor died.  It was a Sundae that's been popular and still is, for years at Dietsch's Bros., in Findlay, Ohio.   Carmel Cashew Sundae with Marshmallow..awesome..they messed it up and all I got was a 1.50 off a pint, hmmm.

Being single and striking kinda go hand in hand.  No one to balk at you for not having dinner on the table at a set time or for that matter,  comments like,  "what is that?"  or  "what are we having for dinner, you did cook?"  
this one was my idea only they
didn't listen.
Nope.  Are those some of the reasons I've never married again?  Nope.  If I married again, there would be more reason to hang Christmas lights.  I wouldn't have to do it.. I've always despised that.  There are good men out there, I'm sure, but they're either unavailable , gay, or not born yet.

There is a reason we're born different, the whole Venus and Mars thing.  If it was up to me to build a house, saw a log, or change a pipe, I'd be in deep trouble, but bake a pie, sew on a button, I'm a gal that sashayed  haphazardly outta my Home EC class, I did learn a thing or two.  I wasn't Martha Stewart by any stretch, but I wouldn't want to be either, besides, I don't look good in orange.

Anyways, y'all have a nice day, a nothing kinda day, ya hear?


  1. I'm as neat now as I was when I was single. My mother's daughter, that's me. But I agree, one of the joys of singledom is not having to consider anyone else's domestic preferences, or lack thereof, but your own.


  2. Let's see.. I'm not gay, I've been born, and... Nope, sorry, I'm unavailable. Oh, well. Next life, perhaps?


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