Cleaning Cycles

I think I'm starting my spring cleaning early, or if you want to look at it another way..exceedingly late.
It started with the Christmas decorations, which by the way, only fit into one tub.  I have limited space so that's a "have to".

I've been housing my daughters childhood mementos for quite some time, but when they have lived here longer than she has, it's time to go.  I need the space.  I was digging out the tubs and came up with 4 and I'm not finished yet.  I have the upstairs closet to go and I know there is at least one small tub to fill.
I've tried to contact her to tell her it's time,  I think she senses it because she never has time to  talk.  It's going to be a shocker when I deliver these goodies to her.
Growing up and moving out means taking your belongings with you.
magazine from 70's great condition
I admit, I am housing some of my son's things, but only because they're collectibles.  And this was because they found their way back to me after a period of time.  Baseball cards and Comic books.  I'm a sucker for not dumping things like this.  That would be sacrilegious with my history of working and being in the antique business.  It's in my blood.  His Comic books are in pristine condition but so are his cards.  He's always taken exceptional care of them, but I could tell the last move was enough,  so I caved.

I believe if you must collect things, use them if you can.  My favorite of collectibles are  lamps and chairs.  I love my  Occupied Japan Pagoda  lamp, I have a Nubian Slave lamp from the fifties as well,  but right now it's in the "I'm not sure what to do with it  pile".
 Eclectic is used to the letter, not only am I housing my Pagoda lamp but I also a pottery lamp, one of my first, which I believe may be Bauer. In case you are wondering, Bauer was not as well known as Fiesta, but is just as popular in some circles.
I have what I call my cowboy chair, with stretched hide and wooden slats that remind me of a plentiful version of Sizzlelean.  I've considered parting with it from time to time but it's a part of my odd family.   Roseville wall pockets from family that I had to fight tooth and nail to get from some greedy people taking care of my mother in her last days hangs gracefully on my wall.  Those are staying no matter what, there's principal hanging there.
A  Geographical school map is framed showing me what an ocean looks like as well as hill and dale and all in those dreamy vintage greens and yellows.
 I love my stuff so I suppose my kids get it honest in holding on to their things. I taught them not everything is to be tossed on a whim.
vintage purses and sunglasses
 I used to drive them crazy when I was in the antique business.  I would rotate my merchandise from my booth at the antique shop and in doing so I'd incorporate some of the merchandise in my home.  Pictures would hang on my walls along with their price tags, Anything unable to pack away would grace stands and lean against walls.  I wasn't alone in this my other antique buddies did the same.

I knew when it was time to start clearing things out of my home in recent days when a little girl visited and in all of her 6 1/2 years thought I needed a garage sale when looking in my spare room.  Out of the mouths of babes.  It was time.  I started by way of photos awhile back,  and in the electronic age, we really don't need as many in our possession as we used to.

I look at it this way, the more I rid myself of, the more I can acquire once again , because, "it's in my blood."

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  1. I think there's a fine line between "collector" and "packrat"....lol! But if anyone would know collectible from just plain junk, you would Barb.

    Have you told the kids they either pick up their stuff or it's yours to dispose of as you see fit?

    Ali x

    Happy New Year too chicka!


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