Vacation with the Crazies

Griswold?  Christmas?
 crazy family

We had our own kind of  crazy family Christmas.  
Do you want to know who went?  
Me, my ex husband, his gay bf, our daughter with her bf and his daughter.  Our son met us there as did his wife who he is separated with and his new gf.   
Oh lordy, I've learned to not say I live a dull life and to please make it exciting.  Eventually you'll get what you ask for and I live it every day.

Washington, D.C., this was the first time I've ever been and I loved it.  I have to go back.  I loved the city, the architecture, the serious buildings,and the restaurants.  
Everyday we look at these buildings,probably not paying attention like we should.  The photos on our  money is great but it doesn't give the same affect as standing in front of them "in person".

Protest at the Whitehouse
The Capitol Bldg. is huge and seems to go on and on, where the Whitehouse, is small in comparison to the photos and/or the news.  
The Capital Bldg.
There was a protest happening as we approached, how exciting, I had the biggest urge to sing  "....don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam......"   but I held back just by watching and listening.   

The Smithsonian was amazing, I didn't get to see it all, the Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln MM, so many things to see and pay tribute to as well.  I'm still awestruck by all of it.
Korean War MM
We walked and talked, ate, rested and gazed upon our lands historical assets.  I know there are many things to see all over our world.  But if you are venturing all over the world and haven't seen these things in your "own back yard".  For shame.  
more crazy family
I feel the same way if you are from another country reading this and haven't seen or paid tribute to your own memorials and historical elements. You must do that.
I hope to go back some day to finish my tour with or without the people in my crazy family.

Have a Happy New Year 


  1. Errr...well, strange as it may be, you seem to have a good time together. And I'll admit I had to read the first paragraph three times before I got it straight in my head.

    Merry Christmas chicka and all the best in 2012.

    Ali x

  2. Well that about sums it up for the Lambert Family. I've it all now. WOW!!!!!! It had to be amazing having to see everything that you saw. But it had to be more fun with Gary an all the family that was there. Holy smokes. Barb I'm so proud of you getting thru it. Except for tired feet. lol

  3. DC is an amazing place to visit. MY WIFE and I spent a goodly portion of our honeymoon there, almost 20 years ago now. Did you get to The Jefferson Memorial? That was one of my favorites. Also, a tour of The Treasury is amazing!

  4. Happy New Year Barb! I hope you have a lovely 2012 :) xxx


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