A Matinee' Day

So.......... do you like the Nutcracker? 

If you have'nt ever been, and are anxious to attend the latest showing in your town or are planning to go, or may even dread the thought  take heart. 
Swans Black and White
Photo from Orlando Ballet Company
 I just saw the Reader's Digest Version, an hour in length and I must say it was much less painless.  I'm not knocking the full version just grateful they shortened it with   families in mind .
 If you think because it is geared for families or if  it's going to be a screaming fit of unruly shrunken people, well, I can't promise that.  The crowd I was sitting near were good little lads and lassies.  It was just enough time to keep their attention without the painful writhing in their seats driving their neighbors bonkers.

Prima Ballerina made  up for the
Vampires Ball
ballerina street shoes
I saw the full  production years ago and was bored beyond belief and swore I'd never go again.   Never say never.  I went this year because friends were in the show and had the pleasure awhile back taking photos of Orlando Ballet Company for a local fashion show.  
When you recognize someone on stage because you've seen them up close and hear them on a street level it makes a huge difference. 
 I was silently rooting for them comfortably in my seat.  I was in awe of their talent, the strength it took to pirouette  without falling down or throwing up like I would have done is amazing.

It takes a real man to don tights quite like those who I witnessed on stage.  I'll just leave it at that.  Just know I'm smiling.

And speaking of men from the show, I was extremely impressed with their jumps, they made it look so easy, so effortless,  their muscles were at attention working overtime to "fly that high".   Their rehearsal hours are not for the faint of heart, every day for both sexes.  The ladies dancing on toes left me rubbing my own at the though of what they endure for their art.   Amazing. 

Orlando Ballet Company

So after the final curtain I did look at this latest production as more of a work of art than a torturous way of keeping me hostage in my seat. 
If you haven't been to see your local ballet companies latest production, they need your support, all ballet is not like the Nutcracker, it has turned a contemporary corner,  maybe you could try to look at it as if you're attending a football game or a soccer match.  
Stop laughing, I really mean it. 

 Can you imagine what those dancers could teach those athletes?


  1. My Dad, who played football in a semi-pro league during the days of his youth, always said that the greatest athlete he ever saw was Fred Astaire. I tend to agree in principle, although I'd lean towards Gene Kelly. Maybe that's because I like baseball more than football? :-)

  2. I've never seen a live ballet performance, but I'd like to. Hope your ready for the holidays Barb. Time's runnin' out!

    Merry Christmas,
    Ali xx


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