Po tay toe, pota to...hard to get the meaning across on "paper".  toe may toe, to ma ta,  ha! indeed!

How do you say those words?  How do you say Merry Christmas?

This year Merry Christmas will be the words I utter, not to annoy anyone, it is just an outward expression of me, of my outlook on the season. . I am not  kicking politically correctiveness to the side, but when it comes to MY Saviour, my very reason for celebrating the season I realized I'm not being true to me and HIM. 
When we say Happy Holidays it is supposed to cover a multitude of versions of the season or day.   Am I stepping on toes?    Probably, but I've chosen this season to not step on my own and most importantly HIS

So, just like when I was a kid and we said Merry Christmas  there was  joy behind it,  truly hoping for the best for everyone for the season, there is the same if not more..  But the only difference now is I'm older, being politically correct is supposed to take precedence over my reason for the season.  I am not in any way trying to offend.  I am trying not to offend my Saviour.  My baby Jesus.  So from now on when you hear me say to you Merry Christmas, just know my heart is truly in the words.  They mean more, they exude more caring, sharing, and pleasing.  Pleasing the one who is the reason I breathe..


  1. Over here they say "Happy Christmas", which ten years in, still sounds wrong to me. But I did some research and both Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas are correct. Apparently the Happy Christmas greeting came before Merry. Go figure.

    I'm with you in that I can't stand this p.c. crap that is perpetually trying to kill age old custom and tradition, all supposedly in the name of making sure no one is offended.

  2. And I meant to add, Happy St. Nicholas Day too Barb!


  3. Good for you! That's why I send out Christmas cards, not holiday cards. My friends of other faiths understand that it is not a slam against their beliefs. That's why they're my friends - they understand my quirks! And I don't get mad at them if they wish me a Happy Hannukkah or whatever. I enjoy that they feel I am a good enough friend to include in THEIR celebrations!


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