Move over Moon Doggie

With all the planning and hustle and bustle, just about everyone sitting down to partake of the festivities at the dinner table will slave over stoves and spend money on too much food for such a short amount of time consuming mass quantities. (that makes me think of The Coneheads lol)  Then, we'll promptly fall asleep only to wake up feeling like it never happened, to start all over again only this time you won't be able to consume more than a few bites .  I could go on and on, we've all been there, and we'll all experience the same thing we intend on not doing because we've been there.  ha!

Goodness, vicious circles.

I just baked pumpkin bread for a friend and I haven't touched it.  I wholeheartedly considered it but changed my mind.
I also baked a cake and tasted it and then tasted a cake the neighbor lady sent over, I tasted it twice and the second time I put a small amount of Haagen dazs vanilla on it.  I emphasize the small because that was the only thing tiny in the room.  "I had sugar sugar and maple syrup" or that's what it seems.  You wouldn't know I had hardboiled eggs, tomatoes and avocados for dinner. So much for good intentions.  I somehow got sideswiped by the sugar express.  It's not even Turkey Day and I feel like I've failed me.  Well dear a change is gonna come.  I suppose this reads like I'm still in a sugar coma, for me it's my 70s version of getting high only on a legal substance of the white stuff...sugar...It should be illegal.  Of course that would make it even more enticing for some, especially for those who live on the edge.  Can you imagine, a figure  in  a  raincoat,  light overhead,  the street still wet from the rain, sugar cubes in different inside pockets  ready to distribute?  Or worse yet plain brownies.  It could happen--in your dreams.

I suppose that's tradition in itself, stuffing ourselves only to look like the poor bird we've just consumed.  I say let's move Turkey Day to the middle of summer.  It would be much better on the waist line, we'd be far too hot to eat all the heavy starchy food.

Gloria(mom) and me 1956
 Salads.  We could eat Salads, we would stuff ourselves on the green stuff and all the veges.  The turkeys might appreciate it too
Then by Christmas we would have thinned out enough to indulge on half a cake, and a gallon of cookies.  
Sounds good to me.
Moon Doggie move over, Salads on,  and the Surf's up
Oh and Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend Barb!


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