Heart Confetti

I spent some time today with friends and was able to experience their version of an outward expression of a personal celebration..  How lucky?...no...this was a blessing, luck had nothing to do with it.  I was blessed to witness "vessels" sharing in their good fortune, giving to others without even seeing a surprise on those faces.  This filled me with a sense of awe.
It was the kind of  moment where your mouth was open and your eyes were bright and you couldn't believe it was happening but you knew it was cause it was all in front of you and the thrill of each moment  and the every day look of those faces would change because they  weren't expecting what you were giving.

Wondering  breeds more wonder and settles right next to those faces of that moment.  It doesn't really matter to know the ending, to know the outcome, to know you may have put food on the table, paid the water bill, or gas in the car.  
Or maybe lifting the spirits of  a forgotten person was raised from the cavernous brink of loneliness.  One will never know, but that's okay.
Joy is resting comfortably in my heart and I was only a back seat driver today. 

This joy I was privy to experience didn't stop after the taillights said goodbye, it started a rumbling, it's infectious and I cannot wait  to share in my own way, some day. 

The ability to not give it a thought is the sum of "making it rain" on someones else's garden, is priceless.   

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