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There is a burr starting to fester, I need to be careful  because of my BP.  The other reason is who else to do I have to complain to, although using this format helps a little.  And with time, it'll pass and something else will annoy me, it's the law of nature.

I saw an article about a man who served our country as did his father.  He had a flag he wanted to fly on Veterans Day,  but the where he lives won't let him fly his flag because they don't allow that sort of thing.  

I was trying to locate the article about  this particular man, and  found countless articles from Google of similar happenings, where others weren't allowed to fly the flag, some because an HOA an organization ruled by Satan himself.  I have no love for HOA's I think it is made up by an evil source and you can't convince me otherwise.  Anyways, I digress. 

 I searched over the few online  papers and found on USA Today,  Edward Zivica, can display the flag, this is good news and a nice surprise.  I guess mass media attention does sometimes work.  It's too bad though that it took this type of a media attention to work in  favor for Patriotism.
 Rules are rules, understandably we need them.  This cause, this holiday set aside, Veterans Day was for our country, maybe with so many other flags that aren't of the red white and blue variety, maybe this is the reason?  I really don't know.  I wonder though.
There must be a lesson here.
 Yes, the Vets who served our country did so we'd  have the right NOT to as we pleased, in a given situation.  But when that offends those who served, not to mention those close to them as well, there is a problem.  Some things can't be helped, it can get complicated.  
The debate will probably always loom on, this won't be the last time, I could place a sure thing on that.
But ......

With the unfortunate happenings of 9/11, with every flag bought in record time, you'd think this wouldn't be an issue now.   This is America!  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Some have forgotten, some call those who haven't, radicals or some other such nonsense instead of Patriotic.  I have other thoughts on the mentality of those who want to keep us from flying a flag. 

The men who raised the flag
in Iwo Jima, today
Iwo Jima 1945
  It is as simple as that.           Or is it? 

Iwo Jima Feb. 23, 1945

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  1. Kind of a shame, eh? What I don't understand is how you can own the property, which he does, but still have to abide by rules set by others. I never will understand condos...


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