Go 'headwithyourbadself

whoooooo boo ..shreek...aaaaacccckkkkkk....

I bet you're thinking of Halloween...but actually I just got back from my exes house.. JK ....
It's that eerie time of year when black cats need to stay hidden and the dentists should be giving discounts for all the extra work they will be getting after the holidays.
 We're doing them a favor.
steve, tonia, gary, & me  '73

This used to be my favorite time of year..but notsomuch anymore.  
I suppose if I had to choose it would be anything I could receive gifts for..but now since the birthdays are flying by..I'll opt for Mothers Day instead.  I call the shots for that one.  But I milk the birthday...it can last for as long as a month if I see fit. 

This time of year is crazy and fun, this reminds me of a trailer with a load of stuff in the back and when you apply the brakes it all comes flying up front......like that!
For you slow people, let me explain..
First we have a few holidays and then we don't have any and then....bam...the brakes.
It's overkill because in January, we go through withdrawl so darn bad...it's like this...it's like being stuck on a desert island, which isn't so bad until you take the boat away....
January thru April...the boat is history...I don't count the wimpy holidays.
 By May for us Mom's the boat pulls up takes a little va ca.
..anyways..that's how I see it.

Holidays...hmmmnothing like when I was a kid...I'm not going to get goopy and reminisce, but we have those starry eyes then but by the time you get older..it's just watery eyes....unless...you like to drink.
Well anyway..I don't...been there done that..

And that's about the size of it.
Have a nice scary evening..or not!

P. S.
My online friend Ali loves this time of year and all the scary stuff...I love the fall colors and things and so does she but she loves the scary as much if not more
...so here's to ya Ali!
Halloween Hallow
Visit her blog


  1. Thanks for the mention Barb. You want the Halloween blog tho; http://holidayhollow.blogspot.com/

    Halloween isn't what it used to be for me, now that we live in mostly non-Halloween celebrating England. But I still keep the flame alive in my own small way. I hope you had a great weekend.


  2. Happy Halloween!

    Just me Barb, stopping by to say hello. I have a new blog link for you too.


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