A Whirlwind

Lately my days have gone whirring by. I'm clip clopping  along with my schoolbooks and a question on my brow.  I seem to have that look all the time now since I started school.  Be that as it may, busy has replaced what my parents gave me for a middle name.

I'm still technically challenged, like stirring muddy waters because the more I learn the more I have questions and the more confused I am.  But I look forward to knowing more, muddy or not.  I live for an a ha moment.!!

niece Athenia
I've made some discoveries in the past year besides and because of acquiring new hardware (knee) that sets off the alarms at the airport.  I've been reacquainted with a niece I haven't seen in 20+ years.  She was 6 or 7 last time I saw her, we were both nervous and happy to see each other again.  We have hopes for a closer future even though we both are very busy.  I have another niece as well,  I was able to connect with  about 3 or 4 years ago and it is ongoing from a distance and I'm grateful for that.

I've started putting together a family tree, not so much for myself but for future generations.  That's not to say I don't have questions because I do.  Ancestry .com has an area where you can just start a family tree.  So I did.  It is basic in it's format and  if you dig a little deeper it can get a little more in depth, if you want it too.
 niece Erica
There's been other things, sewing, hosting a bake sale for Share our Strength, The Great American Bake Sale, things like that.  But right now some of those things are being set aside, I have a tendency lately to say yes to everything and then find out the hard way how  exhausted I am..  It's been that way since my knee surgery.  It's been a slow climb and since I found myself dangling from the top a few weeks ago,so to speak,  it's time to take a break, kick back and do what's necessary,  for now.  Completing some of these fun things will be accomplished in due time and if they aren't..it isn't any big deal. 

I've discovered little things about me and will continue to.  So if the coffee table is beckoning me to dust it, I will, but first I'll make that cup of tea cut a slice of cake, sit down with a good book relax for awhile and then do it.  Life is much too short to fret over dust or anything else. for that matter....

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  1. Isn't it wonderful, rediscovering family! Hope your still enjoying your course.



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