ISBN withdrawal

I have a textbook kinda life.  I love the acquiring and selling phase of textbooks so much more,  it can be very profitable if you know the tricks and the moon phase (jk).
  When I entered school I had to readjust my way of thinking and not look at every book as $$ signs but as a learning tool.  You think I'm kidding? I had to refrain from flipping the book over and wanting to memorize the ISBN number instead of the content for an upcoming test.  I could quote sites to sell/ buy books and am darn good at it.  (some things you never forget).  Talk about withdrawal,  I've had it bad.  

 If those who sit around me would only realize how I could help them find cheaper textbooks, nice clean cheap textbooks, they might pay more attention  to  my info instead of  reading the full priced version. 
I have since learned to let it go, to not worry if they pay attention or not. 

 I am a busy girl and need to take care of what's in front of me, be it home or school, so it's important to focus.   I'm learning things of the technical nature and not flour and sugar, which was my preference for a long time,  but  knee surgery changes things.  Now, I'm in geek training, I  am learning from some of the geekiest, my teacher being one of them.   She's cool geeky, so  in the mean time as hard as I try to shake my addiction, I just can't, I know even the Kimble could be sold
  I suppose I could seek out a twelve step program but as long as I keep my eyes focused  on the title page  I'm sure I'll be fine............. 

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  1. ISBN withdrawal. I love the title Barb! Good luck with your addiction.



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