Consistency .  Does anyone have a clue as to what that is?  I need to remind myself of the definition,  I suppose.

I wrote myself a note a few weeks back,  to be more consistent posting to my personal blog.  I'm a few days behind my well intended schedule.  I write for two other blogs.  One for my HOA and the other I have to keep updated for school.  This weekend was riddled with good intentions.  And like the holes that pummeled them, well, you get the idea.   Today is another day and week and all the assignments are finished, for now.

School is having it's ups and downs.  I stressed mightily over an assignment of creating a logo for a T-shirt from Photoshop.                        Oh really? is what I'm thinking as I'm looking at my instructor.  Are you kidding me?  I've never used Photoshop before, I didn't say this out loud, but she must've felt the vibes,  so she looks at me and says ...you too Barbara, like she needed to single me out.  Wellllll then....okay!

 I have the book and the program on my computer at school, but nada,  I don't know nada thing.. Too many negatives?  You're exactly right.  But with the help of Sara, the girl next to me and my creative idea, I came up with a basic version of what I wanted.  I know now once I 'm through that course the sky is the limit.  Finally some fun! 
 I have persevered through Algebra among other numerical nasties, Excel--and I don't care what anyone says about that..it is as exciting as a rash.  Access...what's the point to that...and the latest version of Word.  A lot of good information but overkill on the Tutorial..and the person instructing it seemed to step out of polyester blue suit land and nary a visit to the hairdresser.  Professional Indeed!
I forgot, I saved the most intense for last.  HTML...I'm in the last chapter trying to cram for two chapter tests and can't seem to stuff div tags or fixed layouts fast enough.
I'm moving on, not with lightning speed, but I am moving on.  
 I'm in a class and that in itself is big time for me.
  Without sounding like I'm planning for a pity party, I only wish  that would account for something.  I'm not a spring chicken..I was saying the other day on FB..the        chicken or the egg?...I certainly know..I am not the egg anymore. I supposed I am the chicken, lol,  but I'll know PhotoShop!  

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  1. Well, I've always been of the opinion that the chicken had to come first because an egg won't hatch without a chicken sitting on it. Others say that the rooster came first, but those people are vulgar.

    Thanks for the linky love! I have reciprocated (but don't worry, I'll clean up.)


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