Home Brew

I was a youngster, asleep, as was the household when suddenly I woke up thinking there was a  war going on , it sounded just  like machine guns.  It happened so fast, I waited listening for more of the same but didn't hear anything else so I  went back to sleep.  In the morning we found out what the noise was  about, my dad, ye old beer maker had had a tub full of Home Brew he had bottled, explode.  Thankfully,the dozen or more bottles were in a galvanized tub in the basement covered with an old quilt . That was smart thinking, it kept the glass chards from flying all over the place.

I imagined he came up with the idea to start a new "business" because he had an old bottle cap device he acquired  from who knows where.
 I think he was the type of person, who, like a woman, who buys a pair of shoes needs to buy dress to go with it.  (That's the only analogy I could think of )
  Of course, I don't really know if that's why he did what he did, I just know he was creative and inventive and I understand from whence my own creative ideas come from.
What a story to tell  to be followed up with,  he made wine too?  He did, he was a man I've come to realize that  wasn't afraid to try a variety of things.  I believe there was usually a reason behind it or he had a nagging idea and had to run with it.

  Not only did he indulge in the processes of beer making and wine making he also tried sauerkraut.  We had   a  huge old crock in the basement full of that smelly stuff. If my pitiful memory serves me right, that experiment didn't work as expected and had to be dumped.  I am ever so grateful for that.  I liked sauerkraut and bratwurst but he had enough in that crock for the next year or so.

There is much more to the story of the Home Brew and Wine and the preacher man walking down the alley and all kinds of good stuff.  But my dad has moved on and his stories went with him, fortunately I have enough of his imagination to remember bits and pieces and to fill in what I think happened.  I'll let  you fill in your own blanks.  He had a good time creating and that's all that mattered.


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