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 I think you need to know I'm starting to...think like a Geek!  I'm getting excited over Photoshop, animation, and for a half a second HTML, but only that.  I'm still bruised by that dumb class, I suppose that'll change eventually, but for now, major yuck!
 I'm even talking like I'm  22.  I wish! Duh!  If Valley girl syndrome sets in I'm really in trouble, I'll have to run to the mirror to make sure my hair isn't blond. 

Each week in school,  a Wordpress blog post needs to be done to show what we've learned or if our thoughts have diverted to another subject down Geek Ave.  Somewhere during this  process I found a website called  Think Geek, (there are quite a few of those out there), but, I've seemed to take to this one like cheese to macaroni.  I found a cute necklace and a tie for that girl and  man about town in your life.  They are both pixel related.  
The necklace causes you to  readjust your vision just about every five minutes instead of  your computer screen, not only is it cute but it's  a trip too.

An assignment in Photoshop sent me looking for The Best Websites.  If you've nothing better to do, you should Google your little ole' heart out and set to lookin'.  The first one I encountered was fun, there were others but this one needs to be shared and my guess is, that was his intention.  His site is Draw a Stickman  it is too stinkin' cute.  

I think you get the idea, Geekness is hard work, this isn't the sandbox although that might make a good site, this is hard work especially if the "little grey cells" are huffin and puffin' but I'll keep on, I'm chipping away at the hidden creative side and by gum, I'm gonna strike paydirt...............eventually!

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