Holidays, county fairs, schools in, all kinds of happenings for the month of August,  actually what's left of it.

September, is tomorrow, it's the time of the year I get homesick, frighteningly nostalgic, so much so I want to drag the baking equipment out and turn my kitchen into baking central.

I'm ready to pull out the cinnamon incense, to decorate in varying shades of pumpkin colors, and inundate everyone I know with apple pies of all shapes and sizes. 

 I grew up in Ohio and have lived down here, in the sunshine state longer than I lived up there,  but that doesn't seem to matter much.  It hits me with such a strong pull like the moon and the tide.  It is what it is and now, since I know what it is I just go with it, I don't fight it any longer.
 I do start baking and I wax so nostalgic I bother everyone.  (You'd think one of these times they'd just give me a ticket and let me fly.  HA! )

I know the first leaf hasn't touched the ground up there but they have experienced the first "touch down". 
 I imagine the crowd as it's gone wild with excitement.  In the air is the smell of popcorn and hot dogs, the sweaters are being tightly wrapped, the chill should be felt soon, I can hear the  snap and a crackle with a log fire near the water and the reflection sends sparks in varying colors to meet the sky.  

I remember laying in my bed as a child, there was a slight nip in the air,my bed was situated next to the window.  I managed to get the breeze or the flicks of rain by being located under the stars inside.  Some nights as the sun was setting, I remember hearing the band playing and later the crowds.  I couldn't figure out where it was coming from  until I was told  it was the game being played at Donnell Stadium.  I love that sound, now, I don't have to watch a game to be transported back in time, the sound takes me there.
Donnell Stadium & Pond

What carries you back to
"that place in your time"? 

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  1. My very favourite time of year!

    Ali x


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