I can't wait for Labor Day already

In another week I'll start to feel like I did when I was a kid. Sort of....  School will begin again and I'll be cramming my head with all sorts of geeky stuff. Of course I have a long road before that actually happens. 
 I really can't wait to call up things in my memory bank at a moments notice like it's nothing.  I have no problem being a full fledged geek. 

 I really want to be good at something that doesn't cause cholesterol.  Baking is alright but there are too many ingredients and I personally haven't been able to break even trying to make any money from it.  I'm not a food network star and have no desire to be and I also HATE making cupcakes.  I'd rather poke my eye than to make 43 different little cakes especially when I can make just one and be done with it. I don't understand what the big deal is.  It is a step down from making cookies but I have found other ways around that..

Anyway with that said I need to cram next week and do everything I should have done or want to do and make it count.
I didn't get my windows washed or my carpet cleaned, ugh, but I do feel better knowing since it is raining right now  it would have been a waste anyway, the window part, kinda like cleaning the car and then it rains.
I need to make some pillows and do two papers so I can be ahead of the game before school. Oh the pillows have nothing to do with school, lol.   I have an eighth of that started, the paper.   I suppose it wouldn't hurt to read my Dreamweaver book again either but if I don't accomplish all those things the earth won't shake and the cookie can crumble it's quite okay, as for now my feet are resting quite nicely from a day of volunteering and all is right with the world.

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  1. I know a few bloggers who are getting antsy for Autumn!

    Ali x


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