Featuring Melanie from A Cosy Living AND a Giveaway

I have a dear blogging friend whom I've never met,even though we've "talked" and shared Christmas cards, conversation and the like.  
                                                         * Melanie, creator on a cosyliving

She lives in  England ,where they say things like telly-- not television, loo--- instead of well...you know....and royalty like Her  Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth  instead of the President,  like we do here in the USA.
Swearing  sounds so much better there than here ,, it's like someone bled in the grass (bloody and sod off) ... 

She'll think I'm daft after reading this. lol 
These differences are what make us interesting.   
Boring..No Way! 
                                             * Featured on a Cosy Living, "Cakes and Ale"
                                             Do you see why you need to visit her blog?

I "met"  Melanie about 3 or so  years ago on Brocante Home, a lot of us were sharing info about vintage items and vintage housekeeping and stuff.  Don't even ask how I found the site, I have no idea.  I also connected with Ali,  a dear Canadian born and bred girl living in England, as well.  I'm still connected with her (please click on her link, she also has a wonderful blog ), the others have since scattered like the wind.   It's unfortunate, but life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and time, well, there's just not enough of it to stretch out in a day.  
Sometimes people are like fish, ya just gotta let'em go.  

Melanie is a youngun,  in her early 20's married to a man named John, he's a photographer.  She's mad for him.  Flipping crazy madly in love.  Well anyway... she's a domestic goddess in every true sense of the word..  Mel has a  blog, featuring her family, animals, , home life, and what's happening in her life presently. Martha watch out!
She is bonkers over crocheting and even has a store on her site. 
 If anyone perhaps needs a new scarf or a baby blanket, she'll whip one up for you in no time.  She's the go to girl for your crocheting needs. 
 If you need a doorway into other blog sites, there are quite a few listed and interesting too, then enter in.  For whatever reason please visit Melanie's site and say hi, tell her Barb sent you.

 Just for doing that you can enter into my Give Away.   You'll be able to visit a Fab site and have the opportunity to win some of these awesome goodies.  (Goody photos below)

Here's the rules:

1.  Read this post and then go to Melanie's blog to answer this question.   
"What is your favorite Holiday and why?" 
2,  Come back to  The Barbara Show  and "check in" to tell me what # you were on her list.
3.  Winner will be hand selected from a hat or a bowl, probably a bowl, I don't have a hat. 
4.  You have until April 6, Wed. 2011, midnight. USA time 

Sounds crazy...that's what these giveaways are...kinda like a scavenger hunt or a wild goose chase but a great way to check out another site and win something.   Since I live in Sunny Florida, I thought these vintage maps would be ideal to give away, there are 5 of them.   I also have quite a lot of books and thought the classic, "A Streetcar named Desire" by Tennessee Williams would be awesome.  I can hear Stanley now...STELLLLLLLLLAAAAAA!...  
                                                                 Vintage Maps of Florida
                                                                 (approx. dates  '65-72)

                                             Meet Blanche DuBois (on the cover), she's crazy.

Thanks for stopping by.


* used by permission


  1. Fabulous Barb :) I just love what you have wrote, thank you so much, and such a fab give way too :) xxxx

  2. Great idea for a a giveaway Barb!



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