There is life outside of FB

Where oh where has my little dog gone?  
Most importantly if anyone wonders or cares, I haven't left this world..not yet anyway,  I haven't abandoned my sight even though it seems so,  I have been focusing on another part of life. 
 I went back to school...
Cain't believe it?  
Neither can I!
I'm in school for Web Design.   
I am taking all the boring stuff right now but in about 3-4 weeks I should be in the actual meat and potatoes of learning all the info.
In the process of that I deleted my FB account.  
I may have imagined an intake of breath by the vast amount of people out there but it was consuming too much of my already spent time. 
If anyone wonders, there is a life outside of FB.
Unfortunately too many things are linked to FB now, when the major media is linked it's time to find something else to do with my time.  
All I have to do is look under the hutch in my kitchen, the dust bunnies need some TLC. 

In about a week there really will be a Give Away, I'm connecting with Melanie from A Cosy Living, she's under the weather right now.  So check back.

Posts will be far and few between especially after the giveaway but I will try, don't give up on me, I may even experiment with my blog and show you what I'm learning along the way.


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