Yes we have no giveaways...

This must be a first. 

I had a giveaway and no one entered.  

I was really upset at first, but then I turned it into a positive.
I don't have to spend the money on postage AND the unwinners are missing out on some awesome maps of Florida, in it's heyday.  Fine by me.  I'll probably frame a few of them.  The graphics/artwork is calmingly nostalgic of when I was a mere whisper of who I am now.  A lot of the places on one of the maps are no longer open.  Cypress Gardens for one.
I guess this is like a party where no one came.
Sorry, it sounds like a pity party, make no mistake, it isn't!
It's just a fact.

I have been neglectful lately of my blog, but only because I've been so busy and something has to suffer the consequences, this time, it was my blog.  Heck, I even shut down my page on FB.

I had said to my friend Mel, I wouldn't ever do a give away again, but I think I will.  When-is another matter and what I give is another matter as well.  

Those dancing ladies above are my favorite tchakies (sp) and they won't be in the next giveaway, I thought a picture would be nice for this post,  M I bad or what.  LOL.

Y'all have a nice day, I know I am. 


  1. Oh dear. I did post a comment on the contest, but I thought it would be cheeky to enter the contest. Seeing how we know each other. So to speak.


  2. So sorry no one entered your give away Barb, I am pleased your not letting it get to you though :) xxx


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