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Today is a Wednesday, what a crazy month it's been already! 
 I can't think of much to write about, or more specifically, a particular subject.  Not to worry, I am sure I'll fill the blanks with  something.   
I've managed so far.

There are many  on my blog list, as well as  buttons on the right side of this blog, who I always mean to visit, and I do occasionally,  I would really like to be more consistent in visiting each one of them.  I love a lot of those blogs and all they put into each  of them.

So I decided ( see it didn't take me long to think of something) to highlight some of those blogs now.

Humor and Wine and the life of.....Riley, no, the life of ...Tiny Little Reveries  push on the button or the link and read more.......

  Sand box Gems is another of my favorites, it's variety, talent, and humor all rolled into one.
 Heartwarming, heartfelt, talented, only begins to cite what this blog, Nie Nie is all about.....LOVE IT!
                                               Ali has a fabulous blog and very informative on matters of beauty ,.............please check out her site by pushing on the link   Fifty is Fab

I hope anyone who reads this blog, checks out the other blogs as well, they are well worth your time.  Since I've seemed to have started something with introducing you to Melanie and her blog, a Cosy Living, I seem to be on a roll now.  

We are all out here trying to make our own little splotch in this world, whether it is with humor, writing, cooking, causes or WHATEVER, it is nice to see what others are doing and to share in their moment.  

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  1. Hope your having a great Easter Weekend Barb :) xxx


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