I wanted to be Janet of Lennon Sisters Fame

I don't suppose you've ever looked at any one thing and that ONE thing takes you on a journey---like the roller coasters at Cedar Point
 I only mention this because everyone I know loves their roller coasters compared to Disney.  Actually, there is no comparison...anyways....
Well I already got off track....get it? off track?

I happened to have noticed on my blog list, pictures from probably the 70s or older and THAT picture reminded me of the LENNON SISTERS.

Does anyone remember them?

 Anyone around my age bracket?
  Unless you watched the Lawrence Welk show on Saturday eve and grew up in or around my era, you might not.
 When I would stay at my grandparents on the farm on occasion we would usually get face to face with Lawrence W, the bubble man.  But before that
 Here's what would happen.

 After dinner and the chores were done,like feeding the animals, washing the dishes, I wouldn't have to do either, all  I had to do was get my bath, I'd be all squeaky clean from the Dove Soap, the original kind, which by the way, I cannot use now or I'll have so many tears flow in' down my face, not because I'm 'lergic, but because of the memories.

This isn't the sofa but close..and this isn't me, that's my brother Mike and Fritz the dog

 I'd get all comfy cozy in my pj's then hop up on the scritchy sofa next to grandma.

 I can hear the music, I see the bubbles and my favorite singing group were all dressed alike and donning pony tails that would may a horse grow envious. Lucky! the only thing better was their dresses and the fact they could carry a tune AND be on TV.  I wanted to be Janet's best friend, but by the end of the evening after the end  popcorn was gone and the last bubble had popped I was content to go to bed. 
 I had work to do in the morning,  I had to figure up an excuse, fake a stomach ache so I wouldn't have to go to that church.  

Those people were scary...

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  1. Oh my Lord, the Lawrence Welk Show. I do remember that. LOL!

    Ali x


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