Leaving on a jet plane .....don't know when I'll be patted down again...whoa whoa whoa

Bells go bong, ding and chime. 
 Alarms ring, buzz, bleep and sometimes talk.

(Remember the beginning of the Clockwork Orange Album? )

I suppose I have enough hardware in my new knee to make Ace real happy, so when I walked through the "door way" at the airport I actually created a real buzz !
Funny? not so funny when you have to be felt up...'scuse me, patted down by someone you don't even know.  lol.
 It was all in a  professional setting of course.  Believe me the more intense version of this would be far worse. 
 It could be the No-tel Motel version, yuuuchhh! 

My traveling companion stood there with a big ole grin on his cheeks and I could almost see his wheels turning and the smoke rising from all the things he didn't say .
This happened both ways on the journey



 enjoy it even more on our way back, not the patter,that was just her job, but  he thought it was funny.  
When it was over he asked me if I needed a cigarette. 
Only he would.... 
Consider the source.  

Anyone have anything bothersome happen while traveling?


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