The New Numbers

What a quiet day, the beginning of my new year.  Even the numbers are new...1...1....11....see ? all new!

Here's a toast to all of you, wishing everyone who read this health, love, peace, contentment, and a full belly.

What?  no diet..it is the beginning of January, and we will be slammed with a zillion commercials and ads to diet,  to exercise our brains out..well more like our butts..  
All because of a New Years Resolution...which I refuse to make, I already knew coming into this year I had things I needed to do and no amount of the general media is going to influence me.  I don't need them.

A change is gonna come...it's well on it's way anyhow ...hey, I can hum the tune...but right now more importantly I'm rehearsing the song.

Happy New Year



Confetti would be nice - a comment even better.
Either one is greatly appreciated.

Apps Apps Apps

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