So this was Chrismas....

So this was Christmas and it was a very good one too,
 there were food and family as well as  gallons of good cheer.

Everyone made merry and smiled and ate
from platters of food and cakes that were baked.

Presents were hugs and hugs were present from small and tall alike, 
 'til  wrappings were strewn by the chimney with care
as  Santa lay drooling sleepily on his lazy boy chair.

What more can I add to what was already said....
maybe...let's do it again...
....as I head off to bed.

But wait that's not all....
Have a Happy New Year too!!!
(don't to forget to stay up and watch the ball)
...hey I had to rhyme...one last time...

Here's a few haphazard picts of Christmas now past.

Lauren and Cory

dining alfresco

granddaughter and dad conversing

Becky and Taryn listening and daughter Lauren whirring by


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  1. It looks like a very good time was had by all! All the best in 2011 sweetie.

    Ali x


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