Your Treasured Timepiece

Recently I've been  preoccupied with selling books on Alibris

 A few years ago a wonderful bookcase  was given to me and  since that time   I have kept it stocked with some of my favorites.  Everything seems to be my favorite but really it's the odd, unusual, and quirky.    It takes time and years to do this.  On my jaunts through garage sales, rummage sales, Antique Shops,  I pick these little treasures up, oggle them for awhile dust them off and then oggle some more.  Yes, and occasionally I actually read them.

Circus Weekly c1979

When I was a little girl my favorites were mysteries,  and over the years the characters and subjects may have changed,  but the mystery is still very appealing to me.   My favorite crime fighter is Amerlia Peabody a turn of the century  character by Elizabeth Peters. 
 In another crime fighting book  I found  my absolute favorite Cinnamon Roll recipes.  Never in my wildest imagination....

The Tree of Books
(poem at bottom of page)

There had to be a book that carried you on a journey and left an imprint on your life.  A book that let you escape  for a short time.  A book that placed great importance on your destiny and your affect on others.  Books carry a magical timepiece with each page turned. 

 A comfortable chair, adequate light, and you're off....life is an adventure, you can escape to another country with a turn of the page, feel the pain a character can inflict on an innocent, become engorged and engaged through the land of culinary delights.  The touch and feel a cover of the book you've picked can change everything either  for a lifetime or for awhile.
Where would we be without them......

I am curious
what book
Tell me, maybe it wasn't a long time ago, maybe it was more than one book, maybe because you have  matured  you've replaced it  with another, maybe it changes with each book you read.

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