Charades and Cream

I'm like a fine mesh sieve. 

I have a lot of info lying in the "basket" right now and little is drizzling through the tiny holes, let's face it,  I'm clogged.  I have so much info piling up  I just can't process it.
 I need to put my feet up and let it ooze through on it's own.

 I know when I'm pushing Pastry Cream through to get the lumps out, if any, it takes time...there is little forcing but for the most part it's a gradual not to be rushed process.  
 I guess you could say I'm Pastry Cream.  ha!
Hey..what a thing to be..right?

So the reason I'm Pastry Cream is I've started my Web Design class today and I'm also brushing up on Math and Language.  I'm in the zone of  "I don't care about Math and Language overload but I'll do it anyway cause I have no choice- zone."

What to do?

This is what I'll do.  I'll post in my blog, listen to Tina Turner, with the music blasting, get comfy in my big white robe and relax with the doggies while my own are up on the sofa and I'll let my little grey cells take their rightful place, right under those girlie curls,  just so I can do this all over again tomorrow.

I'm taking this one day at a time
I heard how Rome was built....
don't cha know


  1. Well just ooze away! I love the colors and layout of your blog - it's very...oozie. Like, relaxing and old timey.

  2. I love your new background. She does gorgeous work at Cute 'n Cool, doesn't she.

    Ali x


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