A Drawing...of Something

I have decided to hold a drawing,
a giveaway,...
. a.... giveaway. 
 I couldn't think of another word.  Tee He!!!

There are a lot of blogs giving away items and for some reason it never occurred to me to do this. 
The only problem is, I haven't decided what to give away.

It could be
a book,
 a Zippo lighter,
 it's never been used it's got  all the stuff
,or  a book,
 someVINTAGE maps from Florida, .
..well you get the idea.. It'll be something.
  When I decide to make up my mind I'll set up the rules, so get ready.  Remember you could be the lucky winner of ....

Apps Apps Apps

Stelllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa Actually it's Steller, with an e-r- Steller is an app for your smart phone and it's a cool thing...