Happy Birthday Cory

Thirty three years ago around 1:00 pm after a grueling day and a half of labor pains I gave birth to an 8lb. 9 oz. bouncing baby boy.  We named him Cory B. Lambert, and he grew into an inquisitive, clever, interesting, ornery, smart, still learning young man.   At present he is a hard working sous chef paying his dues in a very nice restaurant near the Capital.  The info doesn't stop there, he is also married to a beautiful and intelligent woman, named Rita,  who is busy in varying degrees to help him with his climb up the literal food chain.  You know the old saying behind every sucessful man is an even more successful woman....
Some of his antics still leave us shaking our heads and I must admit, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  If you really want to has created a whole vat of apple be sure....
Anyway...I'd love to be able to post a few of his stories but this isn't what it is all is more about wishing my first born a pleasant, safe, Happy Birthday...oh and I also forgot to send a  card...for shame...

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