Almost forgotten

Remember the previous posts full of hot air and complaints? 
Well it seems I don't, I'm acting as if  it never happened.

 I'm now left with a slight ache for the people I've grown fond of after two and a half weeks, even the food is but a gastronomical memory....actually that's a lie...
I won't miss that!

I'll miss Miss Kay, my 95 years young roomie.  I'll  miss her positive disposition, her unexpected laugh now and again from all things, Two and a Half Men, which I find funny she even likes to begin with. 
 She's a treasure. 
 I have learned to appreciate the little things from life due in part to losing my mom a few years ago. I have learned there are certain things to treasure and certain things to chuck, things which are a waste of time and breath. 

I am leaving a fine team of Physical Therapists and am glad I was able to learn from a few of them...

There's no Gain without Pain 
....this is so true with knee surgery.....
 It has to hurt to feel better.  
 ...thanks to them I've made progress..
Thank you Lisa and Cory
your sunny disposition and knowledge has helped me move on into the future and for that I'm grateful. 
For once in my life I was actually happy to exercise. :)

Some people wear many hats other than their own, whether being in the business office, kitchen or anywhere else while peforming tasks requested by the residents or  their fellow co workers. 
They pick up the slack, they do the unexpected. 
It's the real world of filling a need or caring for the others in the village. 
 We're all in this life together, we may as well make the job easier by assisting our fellow "man".

This has been an eye opening experience both necessary and unexpected and I am grateful to all who helped me get through it.  I have other hurdles to jump and more posts to write...

Tomorrow is another day....

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  1. So you got sprung! Hope the recovery continues to go well.


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