Hey! How are your intentions? 
Are they good enough?

When I was planning and packing for knee surgery I knew I'd need some projects to fill my time. 
Sure I had books, paper, pens, my sewing case that held enough projects  to keep me busy till next year.

And then my intentions took a turn south and crash landed. 
 It's been over three months since I started my book so I figured I'd fly thorugh it..Nada!  I still have two or three pages to go...but.who cares...I'll savour it. 
It's on the nightstand.  
 If I was a book I'd be sending signals to end this torture of whodunnit so it  could rest happily on the bookshelf where life is intended...... for a book. 
 Okay now.

The pens, paper, and phones have had quite a workout as well as my crossword puzzles, actually I'm on my second book..what a lifesaver....but my sewing...... fuggetaboutit! 
I was gunna make all these "things" to sell at a friends shop for the holidays....but then my good intentions got nailed by " I don't feel like it"  and my creativity...has left the building. 
I've reached the conclusion that all my energies are being spent on healing so if I don't sew today then maybe my knee will heal far quicker...who knows...anythings possible.........

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