What's in a Word?

Are you an inventor? 

I do know from whence my ideas started ...somewhat anyway....

I was quite young and I thought I invented a word..
....of all words that needed inventing why did it have to be that one.

I walked up to my mom one day and said,  "I invented  the word F***"........well needless to say her reaction wasn't good, not good at all. 
 I couldn't understand what was wrong and why she was upset, it was only an invention. 
 I tried to remember if she yelled  or smacked me ..
..(grounding was rare back then) I don't remember anything more from that day to say it's a blur would be an understatement..

Looking back, my guess is I had to have  heard it from somewhere or someone..all I can think of is..... since my grandpa ( God rest is soul) cussed liked a sailor on leave, it's possible I may have heard it from him.
  Back in the day people didn't use that word like they do now...

Since the F word invention didn't prove to be all it was cracked up to be,  I  tend to think things through much more carefully and try very hard to use that practice even today but I can't help but laugh on occasion when I hear someone tossing around the sixth letter in the alphabet like nobodies business......

So what did you invent that was memorable?


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