Looks like my last Phase is drawing to a close and I'll be headed back to the homefront.  It's been absolutely fantabulous staying at the Casa Hunt/Lamberto, but all things must come to an end. 

I'll have been here 1 day shy of a month on Saturday.  Who would have thought I would have lasted here this long without being tossed out on my bum. Walker and all.
I can honestly say I've had some great laughs and I know I needed that as much as the pain pills.
I suppose I see the home fires burning, looming over the horizon. 
It's going to be strange, no animals, no people...I mean in mass quantities the way it is here. 

The food has been great and if you consider where I was --the hospital and the "home"..and then I have to make my way back to my cooking.  Ugh.  It's one of the reasons I mention it to begin with.
Hopefully I won't pack on any excess me although with out-patient physical therapy I doubt it.  Besides I hear they "kick butt" and mean it.
Lovely..as long as I can remember a few simple rules:
 1.  Continue with smaller quantities so I can maintain my svelte self. 
2.  Move, keep the mind busy as much as the body.
3.  I'm not sure what #3 is unless it is stay out of the Dove candy aisle (it's an inside joke).

Time is ticking ....of course I did mention to Lamberto, on the off chance "What if I need to come back, just in case?"  He said "his house has an invisible shield that forms over it and I won't be able to find it." 
There is a lesson here...don't move out unless they throw you out! 
Just kidding ?

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