Come on.... sing us a song!

I have a friend that has a party surrounding him from the moment he wakes up and usually he wakes with a song in his head,  it doesn't matter if the words rhyme or fit like a puzzle piece. He'll take that one word and jam it in to fit. If anyone else tried that it would sound stupid.
He gets away with literary murder.
On any day, but more specifically mornings, when serious is only found in the dictionary, he will spew forth an overflow of words only a high priced plumber could love or enough to keep my grandmother busy with soap in hand.
A saint he isn't in that respect, unless you're looking at all the care that oozes from his heart towards causes that are bigger than all of us.
I picture him as the pied piper of fun.
and if memory serves me
he once was.
(It's an inside joke.)
So carry on, make your music and give us a jammin' song.
I almost can't wait for my birthday. LOL

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