I won I won I won...

I won, I never win anything, unless, I wasn't around to know about it.  I certainly hope if that was the case I didn't miss the Publishers Clearing House win...they probably went to the wrong house and gave my money to someone else...Well I say Mazel Tov and bully for them.

I was traveling through blog land last week and found a wonderful blog,
"Misadventures with Andi"
Her blog is of her love of cooking and Paris.

She had a drawing, and quite honestly I didn't give it a second thought, because I never win anyway, but much to my surprise when I looked in my email last night...I had been chosen randomly.
As I was sitting looking at what I had won, my feet started moving and then....

I did a little tapdance almost as good as Ginger, with a few swoops, twirls, and dips, who needs Fred...and then ran out the back door to scoop up some sand to complete the show...
Needless to say, I was a happy girl.
These are the lovelys that I won, and I can rest assured if everything is in French, my daughter in law can translate.
(Andi, I forgot to tell you that, she speaks fluent French)
  Paris, Je T' Aime Dvd and a behind the scenes advice book on Paris Shopping, the title is
Paris, I love you....   is what I won.
Thank you so much Andi and your random chooser.
(I hope you have a very nice blogcation also.)




Confetti would be nice - a comment even better.
Either one is greatly appreciated.

Apps Apps Apps

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