Hey There Mr. Postman

My winnings have arrived and from all places...the infamous Berkley, I just love saying that...
Berkleyberkleyberkleyberkley...now it's lost all meaning---
not really.
Point being my wonderful winnings are here.
The movie, which I'd never seen before, will be seen with some friends... :)
The wonderful book of, How to shop in Paris, is better than I had imagined.
I want to hop a plane and the first place I'd want to stop would be a Patisserie'.....for a chocolate croissant...or more..... Oui!
After wiping my face with my cloth napkin and brushing the crumbs from my skirt, I would get up, hail a cab, after locating the first shop in the front of this wonderful book and begin my adventure working my way to the end.
And thirdly, I recevied a very nice address book, I wasn't expecting that, which makes it all the more sweeter.
Thanks so much Andi

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