Dang you're good!!

There was an element of surprise, always, when it came to my mother. It didn't matter what it was, so when I got a phone call a Sunday ago that a bag of hers had surfaced at the nursing home where she had lived, I admit I was surprised. But after two years? This was even a little more element than even she could muster........from the grave. Darn, you're good mom!
A conversation with my Aunt, a hurried run to the post office and in anticipation of a few treasures I felt as if I was stalking the postman.
Imagine, seeing some things you thought weren't. It wasn't anything to make my bank account scream, especially when I counted my inheritance of $6.34. There was hope of an insurance policy, my brother being beneficiary, a few pictures, a letter from a friend, and just the general warmth of knowing these were once hers.
Drawing to a close, much was learned from this surprise.
Never underestimate your mother no matter what.
Hey, I remember those eyes in back of her head and she passed them merrily down to me, but this.....

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